Real Estate in Cape Coral, Florida

Cape Coral – a top choice for buying your dream home.
Invest in paradise – sun guarantee and profitable investment included!


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Buy your Dream Home in Cape Coral, Florida

Buying a house in Cape Coral, Florida is particularly attractive at the moment.

The region offers high-quality, as-new homes in fantastic locations. The proximity to Fort Myers, the ideal infrastructure and the breathtaking nature, along with the warm weather all year round, offer a welcome change from the cold German winter. At a mild 25 degrees in January, you can enjoy the Florida sun in your new home.

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  • Warm climate all year round.
  • High-quality new builds in fantastic locations.
  • Ideal infrastructure and breathtaking nature.
  • Close to Fort Myers.
  • Commission-free real estate purchase.
  • Perfect for boat lovers thanks to numerous waterways
  • Solid investment with the potential to increase in value.
  • Family-friendly communities and schools.
  • Wide range of leisure and cultural activities.
  • Excellent golf courts.
  • Low crime rate.
  • Attractive waterfront properties.
  • Proximity to attractive destinations in Southwest Florida.

This is how the house purchase works:


Initial Interview

In a joint discussion, we determine the most important criteria for your home. These range from budget, location, size and architectural style to special features that will make your new home in Cape Coral unique.



We will make a selection of properties for you, which we will visit together. This can be a one-time visit to Florida or we can view the property with you via video call.


Decision / Closing

You have the freedom of choice and decide on a property. The closing date is set and from then on you are the proud owner of your new dream property in Cape Coral. We will help you with the subsequent management & rental!


Ira Hielscher – German real estate agent and building expert

As a licensed real estate agent and building expert, I know all about building and buying houses in Cape Coral. I know exactly what is important and have an eye for the details.

I have built and sold many houses in Cape Coral myself and also rent them out as vacation homes. I would be happy to share my experience and local knowledge with you so that you too can buy and rent houses in Florida successfully and without any worries.


Harald Hielscher – No job is too big or too small!

Building houses and “remodeling” existing properties in Cape Coral are my great passion. I can look back on many years of experience in buying, selling and renovating existing properties here in Cape Coral and am happy to assist my wife and you in word and deed.

+49 172 524 72 89

You have an urgent question about buying a house in Florida? Simply send me a message via What’s App or give me a call. I will be happy to accompany you all the way to your dream home and help you with everything from the perfect location to the contract.

Types of Houses in Florida


  • Condominiums with shared facilities
  • Gated communities offer security and privacy
  • One to three bedrooms, Comfortable and luxurious lifestyle

Single Family Home

  • Spacious single-family homes with two to four bedrooms and two or more bathrooms
  • Open floor plan with modern fittings
  • Private pool and outdoor area

Gated Communities

  • Gated communities with enclosed areas for security and privacy
  • Luxurious lifestyle with multiple amenities and services
  • Strong community and value maintenance through homeowners associations

Villas in TOP location

  • Spacious luxury properties with high quality materials and features for a luxurious lifestyle
  • Tailor-made design by renowned architects with stunning water or golf court views
  • Open plan living areas with luxury kitchens, spacious bedrooms, living areas, pools and relaxation areas

Houses on the Gulf of Mexico

  • Direct access to the waters of the Gulf of Mexico
  • High resale value
  • Quality of life and many leisure opportunities

Buy and rent a Vacation Home in Florida

  • Amortize your investment in the Sunshine State with your dream property
  • Attractive investment opportunities with a sunshine guarantee!

Frequently asked questions when buying property

Can I buy a house or land in Cape Coral as a German or non-US citizen?

It is completely unproblematic as a non-US citizen to buy, own and sell a house or property in Cape Coral. Clear regulations of American real estate law make buying or selling just as safe as in Germany. You do not need a permanent residence or a social security number to buy real estate in Cape Coral. There are no restrictions on the private purchase of a property or building plot.

Who bears the costs of the estate agent when buying a plot of land or a house?

The seller usually bears the costs for the estate agent and also the majority of the ancillary purchase costs. So if you buy a house in Cape Coral, the ancillary purchase costs are almost negligible. Only small fees of a few hundred dollars are charged for the work of the title agency and the entry in the public records.

Does it make sense to use a real estate agent to purchase a property in the USA?

You are not obliged to work with a real estate agent in the USA. But it makes sense to work with a real estate agent! The estate agents in Florida do not work against each other, but with each other and only through an estate agent can you gain access to a property on the market. Only the agent has access to the so-called MLS, the Multiple Listing Service. All properties and land offered on the market are stored here and are always up to date. Your trusted estate agent knows the local market very well and should therefore be able to give you the best advice and guide you through the entire purchase process up to the transfer of ownership and, if possible, beyond.

When buying a house, are all contracts in English? And when I buy a house and open an account, which language is used?

The contracts are generally written in English. We are happy to support you here and explain and translate the contracts for you. Together we will go through the entire purchase process and help you open an account.

How dangerous is hurricane season? Could my house be destroyed?

Hurricane season in Florida is meanwhile a well-calculated risk and can be overcome with minimal damage. All you need is a good property management company to take care of your home before and after a hurricane and to bring all items from outside into the house. Houses are built to locally relevant points and are therefore also very resistant to hurricanes.

Do I have to be present to buy a house?

No, you can also buy a house from abroad without any problems. We offer extra video viewings and 360° recordings of the houses for you. The notaries also send the contracts and information by e-mail and transfers from abroad usually take about 2 days.

Is the vacation rental worth it or do I have more trouble with it?

From our own experience, we can say that vacation rentals are absolutely worth it! You end up with a house free of charge that you can use yourself a few times a year and benefit from the steady increase in value. Cape Coral has also become an extremely popular vacation spot (both internationally and within the USA) and during the season (Nov-end of March/beginning of April) there are significantly more inquiries than vacation homes available.

We also accompany you after the House Purchase

Buying a property in Florida is a simple process. Nevertheless, you should consider well in advance who could take over the further management of your new home after the purchase in Florida.

  • Registration or re-registration for telephone, water, electricity
  • On-time payment of the property tax for your Florida property
  • Maintenance of the garden and pool facilities
  • Regular inspection of your property
  • In the case of a vacation rental, the billing and punctual transfer of the sales and tourist tax
  • In the event of defects, the quick repair of e.g. stove, refrigerator, internet connection or air conditioning (a tenant of your vacation home expects quick and effective problem solutions)
  • Promotion of your Florida property as a vacation home
  • Welcoming and saying goodbye to the guests of your Florida property
  • Checking the condition of your property after a vacation home tenant’s stay

Are you looking for a property in Cape Coral? Free real estate advice

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