Building a house in Cape Coral, Florida

Are you dreaming of building your own dream home in the Florida sun? Then you’ve come to the right place! We offer you an extensive portfolio of new construction options – building on proven builders.


An attractive investment

Cape Coral offers the opportunity to build your personal Florida dream home according to individual specifications through established local builders.

The options for building a home in Cape Coral are diverse and an attractive alternative to buying an existing property. Together with experienced construction companies, we realize your personal dream of owning your own home in Cape Coral, Florida.
We accompany you throughout the entire process.

Construction models

Custom Home

Building a new villa in Cape Coral according to your own wishes and ideas is best described as “freedom”. The individual home, tailor-made, unique and not an “off-the-peg” house. In a “custom home”, you can implement your personal lifestyle, preferred materials, an individual floor plan and your very own architectural style.

More About Custom Homes

Semi Custom Home

A more cost-effective alternative is the “semi-custom home”. Cape Coral offers many local builders who offer various house models of different sizes and designs. These models are usually the base for planning and can be adapted to individual requirements. Within a certain framework, changes can be made to the floor plan and the choice of materials used for floors, walls, kitchens, fittings, roofs, color scheme, pool design and much more can be influenced. This individualization (the “customizing”) is done with the “Color Selection” after you have decided on a building contractor.

More About Semi Custom Homes

Spec Home

Spec homes are brand new homes that are completed by the builder prior to sale. The floor plan, fittings and layout have already been selected or determined by the builder. The future buyer therefore has no or only minimal influence on this. This has the advantage of a simple and cost-effective planning and construction process and has a very positive effect on the purchase price!

The advantages are obvious:

  • You acquire a brand new home for a very good price!
  • You save time, money and nerves and don’t have to spend months planning and building a house.
  • The builder usually gives you a full year’s guarantee on the new home.
  • You have a fixed purchase date in mind and can therefore plan your move-in to the exact day.
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Are you flirting with the idea of building a house in Cape Coral? Then give us a call!

We will work with you to find the perfect plot of land, the right contractor and accompany your project through to completion and approval!
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What do you need to consider when building a new home?

There are important criteria when choosing the right contractor for building a house. The quality of workmanship on the building site must be very professional. It is strongly recommended to use the support of an experienced construction supervisor. This person should have experience with local building contractors. As a new-build specialist, we will advise you on the choice of a building contractor, compare offers with you and accompany the entire construction project right up to the handover of your dream villa.

Frequent Questions

What determines the price of new-build models?

The prices of different contractors can vary significantly, although the design and size may be comparable. There are big differences in the value of the materials used. Prices of natural stone for kitchen worktops or bathroom sink tops can differ considerably. The prices depend on the place of origin (transport costs, labour costs), the quality level, the rarity of the colour and also the thickness of the stone.

  • Level 1 = Industrial quality
  • Level 2 = Medium quality
  • Level 3 = High-end quality

What is the procedure for a new construction project?

For the optimal realisation of your new build in Cape Coral, professional support from us is the key to success. We first clarify the requirements for the intended building on your property. We then work with you and the construction company to create the first preliminary draft, the preliminary building design. This is followed by the design drawing and the sampling of your new building. You select and specify the floor and wall coverings, roofing, choice of colours, fittings and fixtures. The costs are drawn up and determined, and you then receive an offer – ready for occupancy and including all the necessary work, such as the construction of the seawall and the costs of the building permit.

Are there guarantees for new build?

Any defects that occur during the first 30 days after moving in will be fixed immediately by the builder. You also receive a 1-year guarantee, which covers all defects in workmanship or materials, defects in appliances such as the air conditioning system, pool pump, kitchen appliances, etc. The 2-year warranty covers all the relevant building systems such as heating, cooling, electrical and sanitary installations.

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